Collection, transport, and transfer of municipal waste, and of hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, both solid and liquid, to recovery or disposal plants

Sterilisation treatment by self cleaning of food waste from non-EU countries produced by ships calling at the Port of Taranto

Collection, transport and transfer to recovery or disposal facilities of black and grey waters produced by ships and industrial plants

Collection, transport, sorting, treatment, and storage of waste produced by ships, yachts, and fishing boats

Sterilisation of waste presenting a risk of infection provided inside our own licensed facility

Storage of hazardous and non-hazardous MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) inside our own licensed facility

Collection, transport, sorting, treatment of waste from ports and industrial sites

Cleaning of maritime waters with the recovery, collection, transport, and disposal of solid and liquid waste, floating and non-floating

Assistance to tankers in connecting and disconnecting hoses

Container fumigation

Identification and handling of radioactive and radio-contaminated waste, in collaboration with Protex Laboratory Group

Equipment and facilities provided

  • Removable fire pump, auxiliary to the on-board system, used for transporting hazardous waste
  • Forklift required for ground handling of the waste bins/containers
  • High-pressure washer for cleaning and disinfecting the waste bins/containers
  • Compressor for checking vehicle tyre pressure
  • Welding machine for urgent repairs
  • Pneumatic pallet truck for ground handling of skips/containers and various materials
  • Removable waterproof metal bins with an additional cover, compared to the one fitted to nautical vehicles
  • Dumpsters for port operators
  • Containers for waste separation and storage
  • Scales for weighing waste, located on boats, in the shipyard and at the plant
  • Latest-generation portable radiation detector mod. PDS-100G/ID
  • Sterilisation plant authorised at the Taranto Mercantile Port
  • Wharf for mooring and unmooring of vessels, equipped with electric crane authorised for the transhipment of goods and equipment
  • Garage for routine maintenance of vehicles in use
  • Radio bridge station authorised under no. 345621/END issued by M.I.S.E. for communication between the technical office and its nautical means, ships, Maritime Authority, and other port operators
  • Shelter area for nautical and land vehicles
  • Area for periodic cleaning and disinfestation of the bins using environmentally friendly systems